Corporate America

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I recently came across this concept of social enterprises.

"Social enterprises are organizations which trade in goods or services and link that trade to a social mission. The need to deliver on both financial, social and environmental performance targets is often referred to as having a triple bottom line."
I have recently looked up a few and surprisingly McDonalds fits the criterium, with its Ronald McDonald House Charity. I guess McDonald's mission to create an obese society is a good enough reason to remove the title of social enterprise. George Sorrow's Open Society is probably the best example. It is not restrained by the charity that stops any charity from acting politicaly and has a significant impact. Personally, a political approach is the only approach to social change and one like Sorrow's is good example.

What a wonderful country we live in. I love how contantly we are fed loads of shit through the media, our jobs are dictated by board room mongers and for some reason our goverment never seems to do anything right, well except line there own pockets. Welcome to my output of frustration and anger over the wonderful country we live in, or naturally humankind.